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Igor Mraz

Director of
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Real Estate

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"We are not just selling real estate; we are offering a lifestyle" - In Interview with Igor Mraz

We're thrilled to introduce our strategic partner, π“π€π“π‘π˜ πŒπŽπ”ππ“π€πˆπ π‘π„π’πŽπ‘π“π’ (π“πŒπ‘), for Prague's International Real Estate Expo 2024! TMR stands as the top operator of mountain resorts and tourist services in Eastern and Central Europe, and their visionary approach resonates perfectly with our Mission and Vision.

Here's why Tatry Mountain Resorts perfectly complements our Expo:

Both TMR and the International Real Estate Expo share a profound commitment to excellence, innovation, and creating valuable connections within the tourism and real estate sectors.

TMR’s expertise in mountain resorts and leisure beautifully complements our mission of connecting real estate professionals and investors with exciting opportunities.

Together, we want to create a powerful platform that bridges the realms of real estate and tourism, offering a world of possibilities to our exhibitors, visitors, and partners.

π“π‘πž 𝐍𝐞𝐰 π„π«πš 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐑𝐞 π“πšπ­π«πšπ¬ 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐣𝐞𝐜𝐭: TMR’s successful journey in revitalizing the High and Low Tatras region through investments and development has already left an indelible mark, attracting more visitors and invigorating the tourism scene.

International Real Estate Expo: Dear Mr. Mraz, thank you for the time and “Welcome to the International Real Estate EXPO”! Your journey into the real estate market, especially within the mountain luxury segment, is truly fascinating. Could you share more about your background and how you became involved in this sector?

Igor Mraz: Certainly. My entry into the real estate realm coincided with the inception of the first and largest aquapark in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Polandβ€”Tatralandia in Liptov. This groundbreaking project transformed Liptov from a small tourist destination into a sought-after pan-European hotspot. The surge in tourism sparked a construction boom, leading to the creation of numerous hotel capacities to accommodate the influx of visitors. It was during this period of growth that the concept of apartment hotels and resorts began to emerge. I’ve had the privilege to be part of various projects including Holiday Village Tatralandia, Aquamarine, BeΕ‘eňovΓ‘ Apartments, Chalets JasnΓ‘, and Maladinovo Tatralandia. These projects have not only been completed but have also proven to be highly successful, driving further interest in new ventures.

International Real Estate Expo : Your involvement in Tatralandia and subsequent ventures is impressive. What motivated you to join Tatry Mountain Resort (TMR) and focus on transforming mountain terrains into sought-after real estate gems?

Igor Mraz: The decision to join TMR stemmed from a recognition that a collective effort can achieve more than individual endeavors. By merging Tatralandia with TMR, we unlocked a synergy that seamlessly combined the summer waterpark season with the winter mountain resort season, resulting in a year-round operation. This strategic move not only enhanced the region’s attractiveness but also facilitated year-round connectivity. Moreover, it led to a significant increase in project revenues, solidifying TMR’s position as a leader in the mountain luxury segment.

International Real Estate Expo: Real estate is known for its dynamism and challenges. Could you elaborate on the hurdles you faced, particularly in the Austrian and Slovak markets, and how TMR navigated through them?


Igor Mraz: While our primary focus is on the Slovak market, we’ve observed a growing interest from international clients, particularly in our Slovak resorts. To meet the diverse needs of our clientele, we’ve adapted our offerings accordingly. Our goal is to continue expanding our appeal to foreign investors by tailoring our projects to suit their preferences.

International Real Estate Expo: It’s evident that TMR’s reach extends far beyond Slovakia. What prompted TMR to become a strategic partner of the International Real Estate Expo 2024 in Prague?


Igor Mraz: As our offerings become increasingly attractive to international clients, partnering with events like the International Real Estate Expo in Prague presents an ideal opportunity to showcase our projects to new markets and forge valuable partnerships.

International Real Estate Expo: What can visitors expect from TMR’s participation at the EXPO, and do you have any specific attractions or offers planned?


Igor Mraz: At the expo, we aim to introduce our company to those who may not be familiar with us yet. TMR boasts a rich history as a long-established company operating in the tourism segment across several European countries. Our portfolio includes award-winning ski resorts, historic hotels, amusement parks, and other attractions, such as the largest toboggan in Central Europe. We want to demonstrate that investing with us offers not only attractive returns but also access to unique experiences. We’ll be showcasing specific offers tailored to different investor preferences, including B2B offerings targeted at larger companies and funds.

International Real Estate Expo: Could you outline the mission and vision of Tatry Mountain Resort in the context of its projects and impact on the real estate market?


Igor Mraz: TMR’s mission goes beyond merely selling real estate; we aim to provide unparalleled experiences for our clients. As both the real estate seller and owner of the resorts where the apartments are located, our offerings are unique and irreplicable. We pride ourselves on providing worry-free returns for our clients by managing all properties sold. Being the largest operator of holiday resorts in the country ensures that investors can trust their property will always have a manager, guaranteeing a comfortable investment experience, even for clients residing abroad. Our vision is to continue expanding our portfolio while maintaining our commitment to excellence and ensuring that each project reflects a piece of our team’s heart and dedication.

International Real Estate Expo: Your description of TMR’s projects is captivating. Could you tell us more about the ventures currently underway?


Igor Mraz: Of course. Currently, we’re shepherding two pioneering ventures poised to redefine mountain luxury. Picture the Galeria Thermal Besenovaβ€”a four-star hotel nestled within the embrace of the Besenova water park. Boasting 29 two-bedroom apartments, each equipped with its private thermal water pool perched on the terraceβ€”a first in Slovakia. Not far behind is the Central Resort Hotel, set to become the crowning jewel of Jasna, Slovakia’s largest ski resort. Strategically located at the ski lift’s departure, this hotel will offer 136 exclusive apartments, seamlessly blending ski-in/ski-out access with the full spectrum of hotel amenities for a truly immersive mountain experience.

International Real Estate Expo: What, in your opinion, makes mountain real estate investment so alluring?


Igor Mraz: It’s the fusion of prime location in tourist hotspots and the comprehensive suite of services we offer. This blend ensures robust demand and high occupancy rates, particularly during peak seasons.

International Real Estate Expo: Could you elaborate on how TMR maintains interest year-round for investors?


Igor Mraz: Certainly. We pride ourselves on a calendar packed with corporate events and conferences, guaranteeing investors not just a piece of property but a continuous revenue stream.

International Real Estate Expo: Your proposition to investors sounds compelling. How does TMR differentiate itself in the real estate market?

Igor Mraz: We’re not just selling real estate; we’re offering a lifestyle. Our commitment to investors goes beyond attractive yields. We reward their trust with exclusive benefits, ensuring they enjoy the fruits of their investment both financially and personally.

International Real Estate Expo: What drives TMR’s philosophy when it comes to engaging with investors?


Igor Mraz: By aligning with TMR, investors aren’t merely making a transaction; they’re entering into a partnership promising uniqueness, profitability, and unwavering accountability from a company that has redefined the essence of mountain hospitality.

International Real Estate Expo: Are there any upcoming projects or achievements on the horizon that are in line with TMR’s long-term goals?


Igor Mraz: In the next 2-5 years, we aim to introduce over 800 apartments through unique offerings that align with TMR’s long-term objectives.

International Real Estate Expo: What achievements or milestones, if we were to meet over coffee in a year’s time, would you like to realize by then, both personally and for Tatry Mountain Resort?


Igor Mraz: It would be a step forward if we no longer had to present Real Estate as a novelty in TMR, but that everyone would already perceive us as an integral part of an interesting offer. So that you know a person in your area who has tried us and recommended it to you as a good experience. And my wish is that the team that I have will gradually grow. To have a team chemistry between senior and junior colleagues and to bring more and more innovations and projects that will be unique and in each of them you will see a piece of their heart.

International Real Estate Expo: Mr Mraz thank you very much for the Interview.


Igor Mraz: Thank you Armin for the Interview and I am looking forward to meet all the visitors, exhibitors and partners at the International Real Estate EXPO in Prague!

Mr. Igor Mraz was interviewed by Armin Khani.

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